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Grey Plastic Hole Plugs and Inserts


Our grey plastic hole plugs and blanking caps are the perfect solution for sealing off unwanted holes in your materials. Made in the EU with the highest quality plastic, these blanking caps are durable and long-lasting.

Perfect for a wide range of applications, from furniture assembly to automotive projects, these grey plastic hole plugs blend seamlessly with various surfaces, adding a professional touch to your work. Whether you're covering exposed drill holes, hiding unused ports, or finishing off paneling, our grey plastic plugs are the ideal solution

Available in a variety of sizes, these plastic hole plugs are versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. Trust our grey plastic hole plugs for a secure and reliable seal every time.


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Grey Plastic Hole Plugs and Blanking Caps Inserts

colour: grey
  • Hole plug: Hole size: Cap size: Lenght:
    12x3 3.0 12.0 6.0
    8x4 4.0 8.0 3.0
    8x5 5.0 8.0 5.0
    10x6 6.0 10.0 5.4
    13x6 6.0 13.0 5.4
    10x7 7.0 10.0 6.0
    13x8 8.0 13.0 6.0
    13x9 9.0 13.0 6.2
    13x10 10.0 13.0 6.3
    13x10x4.5 10.0 13.0 4.5
    14x11 11.0 14.0 6.3
    15x12 12.0 15.0 8.6
    16x13 13.0 16.0 6.9
    18x15 15.0 18.0 7.0
    24.5x17 17.0 24.5 10.0
    24x20 20.0 24.0 10.0
    30x25 25.0 30.0 5.0
    36x30 30.0 36.0 10.0


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