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Plastic Hexagonal Bolt Nut Caps and Covers

Black Domed Hexagon Plastic Bolt Nut Covers  Caps
Black bolt nut caps
White Bolt Nut Covers Domed Hexagon Plastic Caps
White bolt nut caps
Grey Plastic Bolt Nut Covers Caps Domed Hexagon
Grey bolt nut caps


Discover durable and stylish bolt nut caps and covers to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your projects. Our high-quality selection provides a sleek and protective solution for your nuts, ensuring long-lasting performance with a modern touch. Whether you're working on automotive, construction, or DIY projects, our products deliver reliable protection and enhance the overall aesthetics. Explore our range of high quality products for a perfect blend of form and function.

Plastic Bolt  Nut Caps and Covers
  • grey, white or black colour finish,
  • to protect and cover  bolt heads or nuts 
  • for a proffesional finished look
  • made from polyethylene 
Polyethylene is characterized by low abrasiveness while maintaining resistance to environmental stress corrosion, high dimensional stability even at low temperatures, very good chemical resistance and low water absorption. It is resistant to changing weather conditions and UV radiation. It is also characterized by good electroinsulating properties. Polyethylene is a completely physiologically neutral material, thanks to which it has full admission to contact with food.

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