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Plastic Knobs Handles & Handwheels 

M5 Male Wing Knobs
M6 Male Wing Knobs
M8 Male Wing Knobs
M6 Male Handwheel Knobs
M8 Male Handwheel Knobs
M10 Male Handwheel Knobs


Upgrade your projects and furniture with our premium handwheels featuring zinc-plated, sturdy treads that are resistant to solvent, oil, and grease. Experience unmatched durability and style as you enhance the functionality of your living or workspace. These handles are crafted to withstand daily wear and tear, providing a secure grip with their sturdy tread design while offering resistance to common household and workshop substances. Elevate your decor with these high-quality, resilient products that effortlessly combine practicality with a sleek zinc-plated finish for a touch of modern sophistication

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