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Explore our curated collection of white round plastic end caps, meticulously crafted to bring a touch of elegance and functionality to your projects. These versatile plugs are thoughtfully designed as inserts for round tubing, ensuring a seamless fit while providing effective protection against dust and moisture. Our range of white round plastic end caps encompasses various sizes, precisely tailored to accommodate diverse tubing dimensions, delivering a sleek and pristine finish to your structures. Whether you're involved in furniture design, construction, or DIY endeavors, our white round plastic end caps offer a dependable solution to enhance both the aesthetics and longevity of your creations. Elevate your designs with our top-quality products – the epitome of style, protection, and versatility.


Our white round plastic end caps are the perfect solution for finishing off the ends of pipes or tubes. Made from high-quality materials, these plastic end caps offer superior durability and long-lasting protection. They are designed to fit snugly onto the end of your pipes or tubes, ensuring a secure, tight fit that won't come loose over time. With their sleek design, these white round  end caps are a stylish addition to any project. Whether you're working on a DIY project or need plastic end caps for industrial applications, our white round plastic end caps are the perfect choice.


White Round Plastic End Caps

  • white colour finish,

  • to protect and cover round tubes,

  • for a proffesional finished look,

  • made from polyethylene 


Polyethylene is characterized by low abrasiveness while maintaining resistance to environmental stress corrosion, high dimensional stability even at low temperatures, very good chemical resistance and low water absorption. It is resistant to changing weather conditions and UV radiation. It is also characterized by good electroinsulating properties. Polyethylene is a completely physiologically neutral material, thanks to which it has full admission to contact with food.


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White Round Plastic End Caps Blanking Plugs Inserts

colour: white
  • Size: Wall thickness: Size: Wall Thickness Size: Wall Thickness:
    10 0.8-1.5 30 1.0-2.0 70 1.5-4.0
    12 0.5-1.5 32 1.0-2.0 76 1.5-2.5
    14 1.0-1.5 33.7 1.0-2.0 76 3.0-4.0
    15 1.0-2.5 35 1.0-2.0 80 1.0-4.0
    16 1.0-1.5 38 1.5-2.5 90 3.0-5.0
    18 1.0-1.5 40 1.5-2.5 102 1.0-5.0
    19 1.0-1.5 42.4 2.5-3.6 108 3.0-5.0
    20 1.0-1.5 45 1.0-2.5 114 3.0-5.0
    21.3 2.0-3.5 48.3 2.0-3.6 120 2.0-4.0
    22 1.0-2.0 50 1.2-2.5 130 2.0-5.0
    25 1.0-2.0 55 1.0-2.5    
    26.9 2.0-3.2 60 1.5-3.0    
    27 1.0-2.0 60.3 2.0-3.6    
    28 1.0-2.0 65 1.5-4.0    




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