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White Bolt Nut Covers


Upgrade the appearance and functionality of your projects with our collection of white bolt nut covers. These sleek and versatile accessories not only serve to conceal and protect nuts and bolts but also add a clean and polished finish to your structures.

Crafted with precision, our white bolt nut covers are designed for easy installation and a secure fit. The neutral white color brings a sense of purity and modernity, making them ideal for a variety of applications. Whether you're working on furniture assembly, construction projects, or engaging in DIY activities, these bolt nut covers provide a seamless and professional look.

The durable materials ensure longevity, offering both aesthetic enhancement and practical protection. Choose from various sizes to suit your specific needs and achieve a cohesive appearance in your designs.

Enhance the visual appeal of your projects with the pristine touch of white bolt nut covers. Invest in the quality and reliability of these accessories to elevate the overall aesthetics while ensuring the lasting integrity of your structures.


  • white colour finish,
  • to protect and cover  bolt head or  nut, 
  • for a proffesional finished look ,
  • made from polyethylene 


Polyethylene is characterized by low abrasiveness while maintaining resistance to environmental stress corrosion, high dimensional stability even at low temperatures, very good chemical resistance and low water absorption. It is resistant to changing weather conditions and UV radiation. It is also characterized by good electroinsulating properties. Polyethylene is a completely physiologically neutral material, thanks to which it has full admission to contact with food.


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White Bolt Nut Covers Domed Hexagon Plastic Caps

colour: white
  • Size: Spanner: Size: Spanner:
    M5 8mm M22 31mm
    M6 10mm M24 34.5mm
    M8 13mm M27 41mm
    M10 17mm M30 46mm
    M12 19mm M33 49mm
    M14 22mm M36 54mm
    M16 24mm M39 60mm
    M18 26.5mm M42 64mm
    M20 29mm M45 68.5mm


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